Why do we need FASH?

The current model of treating people in the UK is based on crisis management. In order to create systemic change we need to shift our focus towards preventative care.

Statistics are boring, but here’s a realistic picture:

  • Suicide is the biggest killer of males between the ages of 18-45
  • Since 2004 the use of antidepressants has increased by 97%
  • Addiction rates are at record high, and more young people identify with depression and anxiety
  • 3 children in every classroom have a ‘diagnosable’ mental health condition
  • 12 million working days are lost each year due to chronic stress
  • In 2019 it will cost over £100 billion to treat mental health in the UK
  • Stress is now the biggest contributory factor in 5 out of 6 leading causes of early death