The course

FASH is structured over a two-day intensive workshop. The course teaches us how to learn, develop and enhance our EQ levels. It consists of four modules and a series of practical exercises that highlight the importance of critical thinking, introspection and personal responsibility.


The first module addresses the nature of feelings and introduces the FASH framework. By understanding out evolutionary journey, we will learn how to prevent patterns of unhealthy behaviour and mitigate chronic stress.


The second module delves deep into the realm of creativity and choice. We are taught about the role of identity and the harms of addiction in modern society. The aim is to explore challenging concepts such as motivation; purpose and how to create meaning in our everyday lives.


The third module introduces EQ tools and highlights the importance of resilience. Participants will take an EQ test and explore other key areas that impact mental health, such as setting personal boundaries, attaining interdependence and building social capital.


The fourth module highlights the difference between change and transformation. It provides insight into the mechanism of resistance and the benefits of discipline. To be emotionally well, we need to develop the skills to emotionally regulate.